Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It is absolutely incredible how something from your past that you thought you had long buried comes to surface again. Recently I have started to think that perhaps this situation that I am going through is really a product of having lost that zsa zsa zsu so long ago. I have decided to start this blog in an attempt to connect my thoughts and feelings and turn them into something tangible to allow myself to work things out. Perhaps what I think I'm feeling now has only come into play because for a brief moment I felt that magnetism that was so strong years ago. Is it safe to say that you remind me of someone who had a strong hold on my past? Someone I deeply cared for and connected with but never let what could be materialize because I was too scared to share my feelings. And maybe the reason why I don't want to let this go is because I had let something similar go before and to this day you still cross my mind, the unobtainable, out of reach illusion...

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